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We provide the necessary services to help you in obtaining various temporary category visas including visitor, student and work visas.


We can assist you with residency applications to obtain resident visas including expression of interests for skilled migrant category and various other categories including work to residence, partner, dependent child, parent retirement and permanent resident visas.


We can help you to obtain a new Passport and with citizenship applications.


You must be prepared to prove that you are ‘bona fide’ (meaning that you are genuine and that you are acting in good faith), and you must provide evidence that you intend to meet the conditions of any visa that may be granted to you.


Please be aware that with current restrictions and regulations in place,  certain Government departments are working under unexpected pressure, and timing of applications can be extended unexpectedly.  Be sure to apply well before any current documentation is due to expire.

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements and how we can help you, please go to our contact page

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