We are committed to providing our services to you at a fair and reasonable price and we aim to keep your costs at a minimum.  Initial consultations take a maximum of 30 minutes and are free of charge.

Every immigration case is different according to personal circumstances, and cost depends on variables such as whether you would like us to take care of all the immigration paperwork, or whether you simply need your paperwork to be reviewed before submitting to Immigration New Zealand, as well as whether:

  • Your application is urgent;

  • You are onshore or offshore;

  • We will be doing an online application or paper application; 

  • You have a complex or straightforward application;

  • Excess time is spent on your file (gathering information and processing); and

  • People other than yourself are included in the application.

Immigration services are charged at an hourly rate of NZ$160.00 plus GST.

Secretarial services (i.e., clerical work/typing) are charged at an hourly rate of NZ$60.00 plus GST. 


Depending on the work, a fixed rate may be negotiated.

All work undertaken is detailed in a Written Agreement, which is explained, mutually agreed upon, and signed by all parties involved, a copy of which will be provided to you before the commencement of any work.