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Visitor Visas

This visa allows you to visit friends and/or family, explore New Zealand (holidaying and sightseeing), enjoy amateur sports or adventure activity, or get married; you are allowed to study for up to three months on a visitor visa.


If you are from a visa waiver country you must hold an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) BEFORE you travel.

Visa Waiver Countries

New Zealand has a Visa Waiver Agreement with several countries, which means that you may be able to visit New Zealand without a visitor visa depending on which country you are from. This does not mean you are able to stay in New Zealand for as long as you want, although if you are a British citizen you can visit for six months.  If you are from any other visa waiver country you can visit for three months.  Here is a link to the list of visa waiver countries and territories, as well as information on NZeTA.


There are various types of visitor visas.  Depending on your circumstances, we can assist with the appropriate visitor visa for you.  You can stay up to nine months and in some circumstances, may be able to apply for a three-month extension.  The main reasons for visitor visas are:

  • Visiting friends and family

  • Exploring New Zealand

  • Enjoying sports or adventure activity

  • Undertaking business consultation

  • Medical treatment


If you are bringing family, they may be included in this application but must also meet the requirements for this visa.  Children must be aged 19 and under.  You are NOT able to work on a visitor visa.

Partner Visitor Visas

Partner of a Worker Visitor Visa

You may join your partner on this type of visa if they hold a work visa (with some exclusions), and you do not intend to work.  This visa is usually issued for the same length of time as your partner’s work visa. 

Partner of a New Zealander Visitor Visa

You may join your New Zealand citizen or resident partner for up to 24 months depending on how long you have been living together, but you are unable to work during this time.


The main requirement of a partner visitor visa is to show you are in a genuine and stable relationship, and that you comply with the minimum requirements for recognition of partnership.  You must also meet certain requirements around health, character, and genuine intentions, and your partner must support your visa application.  You must also provide evidence that you are able to leave New Zealand within the expected timeframe.

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