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Section 61 Requests

If your visa has expired, you will be considered to be unlawfully in New Zealand. The grant of visa under S61 is discretionary and not a person's right. INZ is under no obligation to consider, grant or give explanation in this regard. However, if you believe you have special circumstances, we can assist you with submitting a Section 61 Request for a visa that is appropriate to your circumstances.


It is important to note that requests are only granted in some cases, and if you have already received a Deportation Order a visa cannot be granted under any circumstances.


You will need to provide the following information:

  • your personal details — full name, date of birth, and Immigration New Zealand (INZ) client number;

  • your contact details — email address, phone number, and postal address;

  • a reasonable explanation  with supporting evidence as to why you remained in New Zealand after your visa expired;

  • details of your personal circumstances, such as your family or work, that support your reasons for wanting to stay in New Zealand;

  • how staying in New Zealand could contribute to this country, particularly if you would like to stay here for a long time; and

  • what type of visa you would like, and how long you wish to stay.


You will not have to pay a fee to Immigration New Zealand unless your request is approved.  Click here for more information.

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