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Dependent Child Visas

Almost all types of visas allow you to include your children. There are age restrictions depending on the type of visa you are applying for, as well as requirements such as your children being single and financially dependent on you.


There are a number of factors that Immigration New Zealand uses to base their decision on whether children are considered dependent.  These include their age, whether they currently live with you, whether they are studying and/or working, and whether they have any independent financial support.


If a child does not meet the requirements to be considered a dependent child, they will have to make their own visa application if they still want to come to New Zealand. 

Child of a (Worker) (Student) (New Zealander) Visitor Visa

This visa allows a child who is either too young to attend school, or who will not be studying or working, to live with their parents while they live, work or study in New Zealand, having the same length of time granted to them as their parent’s visa.

Dependent Child Student Visa

This visa allows a child to go to school while their parents work or study in New Zealand.  The child is able to study at a primary or secondary school for the same length of time as their parent’s or legal guardian’s visa, they would be treated as a domestic student, and would not have to pay international tuition fees.


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Dependent Child Resident Visa

This visa enables your children to live permanently in New Zealand if you are a resident or citizen.

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